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About Helder Maritiem

Are you looking for a job in the maritime or offshore sector. Anywhere in the world. Helder Maritiem understands that passion. We are a group of recruiters who connect candidates with the most challenging maritime and offshore functions all over the world. We offer international maritime, offshore and onshore vacancies and helping shipping companies and other clients to find the right staff.

Helder Maritiem is a professional full-service crewing agency that was established in the Netherlands in 2016. We offer crewing solutions made specifically for ship-owners operating in Dredging, Wind Energy, Drilling, Heavy lifting, Towing and Multi-sector.

We are straightforward, and have a large international network of seafarers. Helder Maritiem is happy to help determine your course. Over the years the company gained a lot of experience in coordinating marine crew on behalf of many shipping company employers operating all kinds of ships worldwide.

  • More than 15 years experience in the field
  • Committed to providing high qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers
  • Guaranteed a cost efficient and swift service
  • Flexible approach and good secondary employment conditions

About us

About our Employees

Our candidates are qualified and experienced seafarers from deck ratings till top officer's positions. These highly motivated and skilled people are the key to your success. They work on vessels, including offshore construction vessels, heavy lifting vessels, dredgers, tankers, containers, cargo ships and luxury yachts. They also work offshore for Drilling and Wind Energy or onshore. 

We have a strong crewing source from the Baltic's, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Suriname & Curaçao and other regions that allow us to have a dedicated set of ratings and officers.

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About our Jobs

We are always looking for talents who love to work at innovating projects across the globe. Whether you are looking for a maritime job, an offshore job, an onshore job or a job in the international dredging industry, Helder Maritiem has the right vacancies for you. We are interested in both experienced maritime players and promising new talents. You will get to work in a rewarding environment where your skills and knowledge will be recognized. We offer extensive training programs to make sure you possess all the necessary (STCW) certificates, registrations and diplomas. WIth regular training and refresher courses, we make sure our employees stay up to date with the latest (safety) requirements.

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About our Projects

Our employees work on projects all over the world from Europe to Africa and from South America to the Middle East. Helder Maritiem ensures that our qualified and dedicated staff gets to work for you. Anywhere in the world. Whether it is to work on a new gas pipeline between Russia and Turkey or reclaiming land to enlarge the island of Jurong. We also provide crew in Offshore Oil & Gas and Offshore wind, drilling, international dredging, construction and transport sector. All of them are beautiful projects.

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For Clients

Helder Maritiem is an international crewing agency which provides maritime, offshore and onshore staff throughout the world. Our crew is dedicated to your equipment, your people and your 'floating' assets. We believe that your crew is key for the vessels safety and the day-to-day operations offshore. That is why we search for skilled, motivated and experienced employees for your maritime,offshore and onshore jobs and have high-end seafaring talents in our global database. We invest in training and refresher courses to make sure the knowledge of our employees stays up-to-date with new requirements in the demanding world offshore.

We always ensure that we are in constant communication with our business partners. We help them 24/7 by assisting with crew related issues. We wanted to make things easier for you by giving you solutions and options.