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Helder Maritiem crew agency offer a quality service, without losing sight of the need for individual contact. Thanks to our large network and knowledge of the maritime sector, we are able to switch quickly and look for a perfect solution together. The services we offer represent a quality guarantee for each partner. The professionalism of Helder Maritiem team is recognized, recommended and highly appreciated by our worldwide clients.

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Helder Maritiem
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Do you have a project in Europe, South America, Asia or the Middle East? If the project is Offshore or Onshore and your crew is not yet complete and you are looking for a clear solution immediately, we are here to help.

Helder Maritiem believes that the crew is the key factor for the vessels safety and smooth day-to-day operation. We are therefore committed to providing highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers to sea-going vessels or barge units. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we guarantee a cost efficient and swift service.


Maritime crew

All crew members we supply are, thanks to the extensive training programs they have followed, in possession of all the necessary certificates, registrations and diplomas. Regular training and refresher courses ensure that you have staff which works safely and delivers the desired quality. Helder Maritiem also has an MLC certificate. That is why we not only have skilled staff, but we have everything clear ourselves as well.



Maritime recruitment

Our specialization lies in the off-shore and sustainable industry in combination with dredging, construction, heavy lifting and towing. Furthermore, we work for the multi-sector and all related sectors all over the world.

We use a multi-faced and flexible approach to sourcing and attracting high-end seafaring talents to our database. Our recruitment team is connected with thousands of seafarers on our social media site (Facebook, LinkedIn) in addition to our global database of seafaring candidates.

To find out more about our marine recruitment services and to discuss your crewing requirements, please contact us.