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Each with their own expertise. From crew for tugboats, medics, radio operators to captains, engineers and crane operators. We welcome all seafarers and certified professionals who are looking for jobs.

Meet our hard working employees

We look beyond the horizon. Because of our years of experience, we really know to look further when it comes to staff for maritime, offshore and onshore jobs. We have a lot of qualified and experienced employees in our international database. As a result, we are able to quickly find the "right man for the job", whether it is for drilling, dredging, heavy lifting, cargo or a luxury yacht.

All crew members we supply are, thanks to the extensive training programs they have followed, in posssession of all the necessary (STCW) certificates, registrations and diplomas. Regular training and refresher courses ensure that you have staff which works safely and delivers the desired quality. Helder Maritiem is MLC certified. That is why we not only have skilled staff, but we have everything clear ourselves as well.

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Open Maritime jobs

Vacature: Enthousiaste ‘startende’ SMBW’ers

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Backhoe Operator

For a modern and leading company in the dredging industry we've been looking for an experience backhoe operator.

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Mechanic Deck for a pipe laying vessel

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