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Meet: Kevin

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My name is Kevin, and for 6 years I am working as chief officer, mainly on working boats (multicats, tug boats). What I like about my job is: the freedom, the responsibilities, the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people, and above all: sailing and working on a ship.

Working as a Chief mate

The Chief Mate is directly responsible and accountable to the Master, and accepts the immediate orders and instructions issued by the Master. Tasks and responsibilities:
  • Supervision of all ship activities.
  • Responsible for safe navigation and ensure the crew is ready at all time to carry out the duties on board.
  • Consultation with Project Manager ashore regarding the vessel's production and work methods during the project.
  • To maintain ships adminstration and personnel administration (e.g. ships log, daily report).
  • Checking and maintaining of safety and environmental regulations (e.g. ISM & ISPS) on board.
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Why maritime jobs:

Looking for adventure? Want a challenging career? A job in the maritime industry could be the start of a new and exciting career change.