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Hi, My name is Vlad, I am 39 years young and I live in Latvia. I've started my offshore career in 2007. Since that time I've been involved in different projects all over the world. I have visited five continents and some really remote places such as Tasmania, Tahiti, Azores, Faroe islands and it was a really great thing to do... Most of these years I was engaged in wind farms jobs such as construction, heavy lifting, piling, grouting, cable pooling and even diving 😁 And the best thing about it was the people whom I have met and worked with. It's really cool to be a part of a team having one aim, one goal and to work with a professionals. And at that point working with Helder Maritiem is the best combination for me. I am always confident that the office crew will take care of me as much as possible. So I can really focus on my job what is increasing safety a lot as a result. So have a safe and productive 2021 🤓 Best regards Vlad

Job description of a Rigger Foreman

▪ Coordinate and supervise the work of riggers ▪ Ensure that all rigging and de-rigging operations are performed in a safe manner and in accordance with the instructions given ▪ If certified, can coordinate the erection of scaffolding structures ▪ Keep all rigging items properly stored ▪ Ensure that the work area is clean and tidy ▪ Be familiar with and maintains awareness of the relevant company requirements and, where applicable, the latest industry codes and standards including statutory rules and regulations ▪ Ensure that certification is available for all rigging and lifting arrangements for vessel equipment and that the rigging items are in a suitable condition ▪ Ensure that only certified gear is used during lifting operations ▪ Monitor the condition of all lifting gear before, during and after use and report any damages ▪ Perform any additional duties within own experience and capability as advised by the 1st Assistant and/or Deck Foreman ▪ Support the maritime team during mooring/unmooring of vessels and cargo barges ▪ Report unsafe working conditions, incidents and any near-miss events ▪ Stop the lifting activity if required on safety grounds, if continuing could cause any damages or injuries ▪ Report to the Deck Foreman or the 1st Assistant
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Vlad, employee, helder maritiem

Why offshore jobs?

1. Good pay and benefits 2. Very comfortable accommodation 3. Challenging work 4. Opportunity to travel