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Before a ship can set sail, you need to hire a crewing agency to assemble the perfect crew. Crewing agencies are basically an employment agency for seafarers. They help ship owners and managers by providing a ship with all necessary personnel to perform various activities on board. 

These people carry out different tasks and have different responsibilities, this is crucial for the successful operation of a vessel at sea. Specific skills and knowledge are needed to deal with sophisticated navigational equipment, propulsion systems and the ship's engine room. 

To relieve some pressure off the ship's owners and managers, crewing agencies will recruit officers, engineers and other personnel and also make sure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. But they also make sure these people are mentally and physically capable to work at sea for a long period of time. Needless to say, crewing agencies maintain the legal documents and records of seafarers to help out ship owners to filter the perfect candidate for certain jobs. Crew agencies can help with maritime jobs as well as offshore jobs. 

What is a maritime recruitment agency?

A maritime crewing agency has a great network of flexible and deployable maritime personnel. This usually is not restricted to a single country but rather worldwide 

If you are looking for crane operators, catering crew, Ab's or lifting supervisors (riggers), a crewing agency can help you hire the right people for the right job. As a maritime crewing agency Helder Maritiem provides a lot of maritime crew with personnel of different nationalities for various projects worldwide. We have a large file of certified personnel and can supply the right candidate on a short notice.

What are maritime services?

Maritime services span a wide variety of functions. Think: Crew services, newbuilding, commercial management or operational support services. All are essential for the smooth operation of a modern fleet or vessel.

Helder Maritiem is a Dutch recruitment and full service crewing agency. Since 2016, Helder Maritiem has been supplying multinational personnel to the international Maritime and Dredging industry and is renowned as a qualified point of contact. Over the years we have expanded our expertise into other sectors which include the Towing & Work boats and (renewable) Shipping industry. 

The maritime services we as a crewing agencies provide are:

All you need to know about maritime personnel services

All crew members supplied by a crewing agency have completed extensive training programs and possess the necessary certificates, registrations, and diplomas. Regular training and refresher courses ensure that you have personnel who work safely and deliver the desired quality. Helder Maritiem also has an MLC certificate. 

Why use a crewing agency?

Our specialization lies in the off-shore and sustainable industry in combination with dredging, construction and towing. Furthermore, we work for the multi-sector and all related sectors all over the world.

We use a multifaceted and flexible approach to sourcing and attracting high-end seafaring talents to our database. Our recruitment team is connected with thousands of seafarers on our social media site (Facebook, LinkedIn) in addition to our global database of seafaring candidates.

This is how we deliver quality 

Helder Maritiem is the recruitment agency within the Maritime Industry, including the Offshore market.

We provide recruitment services for companies in the maritime and offshore Industry, worldwide. We are specialists and experts in finding the right human resources for our clients and providing the right guidance and support to job searchers.

This is how we ensure better crews

As a marine recruitment specialist working purely in the shipping industry, Helder Maritiem has inside knowledge of this very niche sector. We know it can be difficult - stressful, even - to fill certain ranks and positions. which is why a great recruitment strategy is essential.

The benefits of a maritime recruitment agency

Recruitment and selection is a proactive human resources approach to identifying and screening the best candidates for jobs. Primary benefits of effective recruitment and selection processes include a strong pool of seafarers, accurate qualification screenings, proactive strategic alignment with our company goals.

People make the ships perform. Our human capital is empowered to be the best in their jobs; to make your ship perform by the Helder Maritiem approach.

Living by our core values helps a great deal in making the best decisions. We discuss often and openly to keep our focus sharp on the performance of the fleet. Obligatory, our combined shipping experience supports our team competency a great deal too.

Gathering crew through a crewing agency 

This is what to look out for in a new crew

New crew members who join a ship must be familiarized with their duties and important information about the ship. This is to ensure that the new people onboard ship understand their responsibilities thoroughly before commencing their duties.

Want to work through a crewing agency?

Why choose a maritime job?

Looking for adventure? Want a challenging career? A job in the maritime industry could be the start of a new and exciting career change.

If you are seriously thinking about working at sea, we are here to help you. We can give you the information about all the different areas within the maritime industry - not to mention all the different types of vessels - it really is something you need to think about very carefully before taking the plunge and dedicating your life to the ocean. We can help you with more information and which education is needed for the different kinds of functions onboard.

  1. Fast career progression
  2. Long holidays
  3. Become a part of something important
  4. High salaries
  5. Unique working experience

The 10 most exciting maritime jobs:

Some jobs can make you feel like you’re not making a difference in the world. In order to be happy with your career path, you have to have a passion for it. Working in the international maritime or offshore industry can be a very rewarding career choice. Here with an overview of our top 10 most exciting maritime and offshore jobs.

  1. Captain

The most exciting maritime job is of course being a captain. It is a job that speaks to people’s imagination, since it is a popular fictional character, ranging from captain Haddock to Captain Hook.

A captain is in charge of a vessel and is responsible for navigation, cargo and safety. The captain navigates and steers the ship, has contact with other passing ships and supervises all operations on board. He is a high-grade licensed mariner who holds the ultimate command of the vessel. On international voyages it is the captain’s responsibility to satisfy the requirements of customs officials. 

  1. Diver 

What could be more exciting than to dive in the ocean and discover the world below the surface? As an offshore diver, you will work on the maintenance of oil platforms and contribute to the building of underwater structures. An offshore diver has a wide range of tasks, such as drilling rig support, production platform support and pipeline work. Mostly you will dive from a moored or anchored vessel with your diving team. 

  1. Crane driver

A crane driver or crane operator is the person operating a lifting crane. As a offshore crane operator you will move offshore installations on or off supplyboats. You will be responsible for the machines safety checks, monitor stability and load weights, set up cranes and operate them. This is very exciting and responsible work onshore, let alone offshore.

  1. Installation manager

The offshore installation manager (OIM) is the most senior manager of an offshore platform. As an installation manager you are responsible for the health, welfare and safety of the staff on board the installation, such as a drilling rig, a production platform or a support vessel. This is a very challenging and responsible job which requires an official registration with the Offshore Safety Division.

  1. Rigger foreman

A rigger foreman or rigging supervisor coordinates, supervises and operates machinery, for example a crane. As a rigger foreman, you supervise the riggers and other specialists during rigging and lifting activities and make sure everything is in accordance with safety procedures. It is your duty to inspect the machinery and erect the rigging cables and other equipment. 

  1. Rigger

A rigger ensures that loads are being moved from vessels to platforms and the other way around. As a rigger you will manage all moving materials and ensure that the safety rules are applied correctly. For every project you will come up with a smart approach for complex lifting tasks. You will work closely together with the rigger foreman and the crane operator.

  1. Engineer

An offshore engineer will conduct fundamental research valuable for offshore engineering. You will develop new tools and equipment for offshore challenges. You will start with a concept and test this in order to develop new systems and fix existing problems. For this job you need to be creative and have the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. You will manage projects and provide training to colleagues. An exciting and challenging job!

  1. Mates

A mate is a deck naval officer aboard a vessel. We distinguish between a chief mate (first mate), a second mate and a third mate. One of the mates is always the watch keeping officer, but the mates are also responsible for overseeing loading and unloading and passage planning. Mates supervise the crew on board of a vessel, optimize the production and are responsible for the administration, like the ship’s log. 

  1. Able seaman

An able seaman (AB) is a member of the crew of a ship or vessel with more than two years of experience. His duties are standing watch, performing general maintenance and repairing & upkeeping of material and equipment. This may include cleaning, priming and painting parts of the vessel. With courses and examinations the able seaman can become certified as an officer.

  1. Lifting supervisor

The lifting supervisor will work together with the riggers and crane operator. The supervisor will prepare the lifting operations, check the presence of all lifting equipment and personnel.The lifting supervisor is in charge of the lifting plan. He will check the securing of loads and transport the load in a safe manner. He will manage a small team and give instructions for safe lifting. 

Is a maritime job something for you?

What is a seafarer’s job? That is a question we get asked a lot, but the straight and honest answer is that there’s really no such thing as a typical job at sea. There are so many different examples of maritime jobs that you could spend a huge amount of time and countless hours delving into all of the different career paths and researching them. An engineer will have a completely different workday than a rigger or an able seaman.

If you want to know more about the different types of jobs offshore, take a look at our 10 most exciting maritime jobs

An offshore job is not suitable for everybody. The work on board a vessel or platform can be hard, stressful and dangerous. You will have responsible work and you often have to work under high pressure. Moreover, you will be far away from home and won’t be able to contact friends and family regularly. 

That being said, there are also a lot of cons to offshore work. If you don’t mind the downsides of an offshore job, a maritime job will surely give you a lot of opportunities, both when it comes to your career and your personal life.

Helder Maritiem has many jobs to offer: we have vacancies ranging from mates to captains and from riggers to engineers. High wage, rapid career advancement and job security are all part of the deal. Board and lodging are of course provided, so you will have little to no costs of living, depending on your personal situation.

The maritime sector gives you the opportunity to travel all over the world and discover all seven seas and continents. If you are adventurous and would like to see more of the world, an offshore job is certainly suited for you. 

You can have a lot of international contacts, meet new people and bond with other crew members. Although you are far away from home, a maritime job is far from lonely. On the contrary, to make the most of it you need to be a social person and a team player. Communication and trust are key to the life on board of a vessel or platform.

About Helder Maritiem

Helder Maritime is a modern full service crewing agency based in Rotterdam. We provide competent crew from our ‘global’ pool network, selected and / or recruited based on client requirements both for ad-hoc vacancies and long term crew.

Helder Maritiem has a great international network of flexibly deployable maritime personnel. As a maritime crewing agency we provide a lot of maritime crew with different nationalities on different projects all over the world.

If you are looking for crane operators, catering crew, Ab's or lifting supervisors (riggers) we have them all. Are you as a client looking for candidates for a project in the Netherlands or abroad? We have a large file of certified personnel and can supply the right candidate on a short notice. 

With our years of maritime experience were specialized in off-shore and renewable industry, dredging, civil construction, drilling and towing and multicat sector and related sectors.

This is what we can do you for 

We provide qualified and experienced seafarers from deck ratings till top officer's positions, for all types of the vessels and all types of industries.

Helder Maritiem makes maritime jobs accessible

If you’re serious thinking about working at sea, we are here to help you because there is a huge decision to make and thanks to all the different areas within the maritime industry - not to mention all the different types of vessels - it really is something you need to think about very carefully before taking the plunge and dedicating your life to the ocean. We can help you with more information and which education is needed for the different kind of functions onboard.


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