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Meet: Second Engineer

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Helder Maritiem is regularly looking for 2nd engineers up to 3000KW or no limitations that have experience on harbor tugboats or shoalbusters.

Job requirements:

  • Valid STC-W'10 documents and certificates

  • Certificate of competency second engineer up to 3000KW or all ships

  • Good knowledge of the Dutch and English language

  • Good communication skills, in English (written and verbal)

  • Active working attitude

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Job description:

Your work consists of performing technical (maintenance) work on board. You ensure that the technical systems on board function, you perform maintenance on them and you perform periodic inspections. Operate, maintain and repair the technical installations present on board. In the event of complex defects/malfunctions, you consult with the chief engineer about engaging third parties or ordering necessary parts.

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Work Location:

Different ports in Europe