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Meet: Roustabout / HLO

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As a roustabout/HLO person you are an indispensable link within the organization. You are concerned with realizing a working and safe environment and you also assist the crane operator with loading and unloading goods and you are responsible for safety when landing and taking off helicopters.

Job requirements:

  • NOGEPA 0.5A/B Basic offshore
  •  Offshore medische keuring
  •  VCA
  • NOGEPA 1.9A/B Banksman
  •  NOGEPA 1.1A/B HLO incl. refueling
  •  NOGEPA 2.2A/B First Aid offshore
  •  U dient goede kennis te hebben van de Engelse taal in woord en geschrift
platform, sea, helder maritiem

Job description:

As an offshore Roustabout you work on a production platform in the North Sea in a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule. You are responsible for:

  • Loading, unloading and moving goods using a crane

  • Daily crane maintenance to prevent malfunctions

  • Registration and reporting regarding the use and maintenance of the crane

  • Complying with the applicable laws and regulations regarding safety, working conditions, the environment and mining law

  • Compliance with procedures and regulations in the operations manual

You can also be deployed as a Roustabout, in case of insufficient regular work, to assist the deck crew with, for example, cleaning activities. You are then responsible for carrying out the logistics and cleaning activities.

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workers, crane, helder maritiem
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Work Location:

Various platforms in the North Sea.