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Meet: The United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom

Over the next decade, the UK’s decommissioning bill will be the largest of any country in the world. Scores of platforms need to be completely or partially removed. And taking platforms out of service will be a priority for some time yet: as many as 470 installations need to be decommissioned in the UK North Sea over the next 30 to 40 years.


We provided riggers and rigger foremen on the heavy lift vessel Boka lift 1 on the Viking Vulcan project.
  • Location: Southern North Sea, United Kingdom
  • Period: 2019 -2020
  • Scope of work: Removal, transportation and disposal
An extensive preparation campaign was undertaken to make the platforms ready for removal. These preparations comprised the installation of dedicated hardware required for the removal, such as leg cutting platforms on the leg extensions and trunnions on the topsides main columns. Additionally installation of new lift points, weight shedding and improvements to the structural integrity of the ageing assets were undertaken.

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Working offshore in Europe

Working offshore is challenging and highly rewarding. From marine construction to research and development, an offshore career can take you around the globe from India and China to South America and the North Sea. These industries are always evolving, fast-paced and challenging. They offer the opportunity to build a career that is always interesting, where innovation and problem-solving are the order of the day. The boom in offshore today is wind farming.