Helder Maritiem has a great international network of flexibly deployable maritime personnel. As a maritime crewing agency we provide a lot of maritime crew with different nationalities on different projects all over the world.

If you looking for crane operators, catering crew, Ab's or lifting supervisors (riggers) we have them all. Are you as a client looking for candidates for a project in the Netherlands or abroad? We have a large file of certified personnel and can supply the right candidate on a short notice. 

Helder Maritiem makes maritime jobs accessible

If you are seriously thinking about working at sea, we are here to help you. We can give you the information about all the different areas within the maritime industry - not to mention all the different types of vessels - it really is something you need to think about very carefully before taking the plunge and dedicating your life to the ocean. We can help you with more information and which education is needed for the different kind of functions onboard.


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