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Maritime Recruitment Agency: What we can do for you

Helder Maritiem is a maritime recruitment and crewing agency. We can help you with employers for maritime, offshore and onshore projects all over the world. Thanks to our database and connections we can find the right man or woman for your project. But we are more than a recruitment agency, since we offer full crew management for your vessels, platforms and more.

Find the right man for the job

Recruitment and selection requires a proactive human resources approach which can be very time consuming. When you are managing maritime and offshore projects, you might not have the time for this. Luckily, the recruiters of Helder Maritiem are ready to help you. For an effective recruitment process, we have a strong pool of seafarers and many (online) connections with them. This gives us the opportunity to identify and screen the best candidates for your projects. We offer many accurate qualification screenings to make sure our employees truly are the best. Of course, we align our recruitment process proactive and strategically with your company goals.

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Correctly certified crew

It is important offshore that all of your crew members are correctly certified and up-to-date with procedures, safety measures and other requirements. We offer extensive training programs to our employees to make sure they have the necessary skills, knowledge and certificates. With regular refresher courses, we make sure our candidates keep their skills and knowledge up to date. In this way we can ensure that the staff we provide works safely and delivers the quality you will need.

Full crew management

Our job does not stop at identifying the right personnel for your vessel or platform. We offer full crew management, including planning and arranging crew changes, arranging flights, visas and accommodation. Moreover, we take care of the insurance of your crew, both at sea and on leave. In this way, both you and your crew members don’t have anything to worry about. Just leave it to us.

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