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The ship’s crews are the personnel who sail on board a ship and are responsible for its operation, primarily when the ship is at sea (with some responsibility when at port). For the purpose of ship operation and traditionally, the crew of a commercial ship is divided into three departments.

Deck department

  • Captain
  • Chief mate
  • Second mate
  • Third mate
  • Deck cadet
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Deck cadet rating

  • Bosun
  • Welder / Fitter
  • Able Seaman
  • Ordinary seaman
  • Trainee

Engineer / technical department

  • Chief engineer
  • Second engineer
  • Third engineer
  • Fourth engineer
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Steward / catering department

  • Chief cook
  • Cook
  • Chief steward
  • Steward

Chief, first and second Cooks

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Third mate with DP experience

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1ste stuurman alle schepen (Bagger)

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