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With the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp within reach, projects in Europe are the ideal base for Helder Maritiem staff. We are happy to relieve clients, both in the on and offshore sector, with technically trained personnel in the field of petrochemicals, renewable energy and the construction sector.

We provide staff for many and diverse positions on the following projects:

Nord stream 2 project

A new gas pipeline between Russia and the Baltic Sea. A direct connection between GazProm and European gas users. Necessary, because Europe sees a decrease in domestic gas production, but an increasing demand for imported gas. A project for real craftsmen.

Merkur project

A ready-to-use wind farm in the North Sea, about 45 kilometers north of the German Borkum islands. Together we are building a park that will consist of 66 turbines, which after completion will generate approximately 1750 GWh annually. That is enough energy to provide power to around 500,000 houses.

Gemini Wind Park

The largest offshore wind farm in Europe, located 85 kilometers off the Dutch coast. An impressive project that ensures that 800,000 households can start using renewable energy. In addition, the park contributes to achieving the goals of Paris 2050. Impressive, isn’t it!

Construction of the HTT terminal

The HES Hartel Tank Terminal on the Hartelstrook in the port of Rotterdam is a terminal in development. Parent company HES International B.V. is a very experienced player in the field of storage and handling of bulk goods. With a lot of knowledge about working with wet bulk, a very high-quality and safe terminal will be built. We attach great importance to the dialogue with the environment, relevant authorities and local residents.

Thamesweg route

The Havenspoorlijn, the first part of the Betuwe route, will be relocated in the Rotterdam port area. The new route, Theemsweg route, will be realized in 2021 and is a solution to the problems at the Caland Bridge near Rozenburg.
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