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The economy of Asia has been on the rise for years, the demand for petrochemicals is growing along with it and so the supply and demand for qualified personnel cannot lag behind. Our European knowledge and quality is often used in Asia to support the clients present there. Something that Helder Maritiem can provide, because the Asian market is familiar to us.

In India we provide staff who assist with dredging projects and with the deepening of ports.

Land reclamation project Ayer Merbau & extension of the container terminal.

In collaboration with our client we are working hard in Ayer Merbau on the island of Jurong, to reclaim 35 hectares of land. With this 2nd phase of the land reclamation, the island becomes a lot bigger. This is where one of the world's largest centers for oil refining and petrochemicals is being built, as part of Singapore's national development.

RoRo work

In Kazakhstan we deliver crew at barges that perform RoRo work for building a large refinery.
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